Ship Supply

Meats Fresh - Meats Frozen
Seafood Fresh - Seafood Frozen
Poultry Fresh - Poultry Frozen
Fruit Vegetables - Dairy Goods
General Groceries Asian Goods & Spices
Beverages Juices Flowers
Deck & Engine Ship Spare
Hoses and Couplings
Ropes and Hawsers
Packing and Belts
Lashing Equipment
Gloves and Ear Muffs
Wire Gauges
Fasteners Rags and Cotton Waste Valves
Instruments Pipes and Fittings
Wet Weather Gear Overall and Hardhats
Safety Boots Rat Guards
Hatch Sealing Tape Paint and Antifouling
Painting Supplies Cargo Nets
Pilot's Ladders Gangway Nets
Electric and Air Tools Lifting Equipment
Slings Webbing and Chains Ratchet Tie Down Straps
Grinding Wheels Abrasive Papers
Seals and Bearings Distilled Water
Cabinet Ware Stainless Steel Fittings
Bonded Supply Tax Free
Varity of Bonded supply
Imported Beer and Tobacco
Imported Wine
Laboratory Alcohol Cask Wine
Cigars Low Alcohol Beer
Charts & Publication
Navigation instruments
Routing charts
Log books
Navigation instruments
Laundry Services
Laundry Pickup Service at your Vessel
Safety Equipment
Lifejackets - Immersion Suits
Rescue Boats - Life-rafts
Life-rings and Flares
Air horns and signal lamps
Lifebuoy Lights and Clocks Barometers and Searchlights
Anti-exposure suits Line Throwers
Manover boards EPIRBS
SARTS Life-raft servicing
Hydrostatic release units
Ship Repair/Supplies
Machine shop services
Motor repairs and rewinding
Equipment repairs
Parts and Tools
CABIN STORES - Ship Services
Galley Supplies
Cleaning Products and Consumables
Floor Coverings
Compactor Bags-Brush ware
Electrical Appliances 110/240V Hand Cleaners
Toiletries Stationery

Spare Parts and Equipment

Through our many years in the Marine Industry we have contact to various suppliers around the World.

We therefore kindly ask you to contact us with any spare parts requirements you may have, and we will assist you best possible.
Steel Material Steel Pipes Wires And Ropes (All Measures approved certificate)

  • Admiral Books, Marine Charts, Navigation And Safety Equipments.
  • All Kinds of Chemicals (Magnus Maritec International Co.)
  • All Kinds of Unitor Productions.
  • All Kinds of Paints (International, Hempl, Global and Jotun)


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